In remembrance to those that died due to 9/11 worldwide.

This article is the mirror image of the question "Throughout history, not a single steel building has collapsed due to a fire, yet on 9/11, three came down in a single day...how was this possible?" on my questions website.


Today, 11th September 2021, is the 20-year anniversary of the attacks on the US. In remembrance to all the innocent people (one million plus) that have died around the world as a result of the fake "War on Terror", I dedicate this article. 911-memorialThe US government lied to the world about what really happened, leaving the real investigation to the public to unravel the truth – the truth is ugly, but backed by meticulous research conducted by independent experts.

Twenty years later, we still do not have the official truth, however, experts in the areas of science, physics, architecture, engineering and aviation among others, have pieced together various theories that more closely resemble the evidence.

When evidence shows that just one major part surrounding the official 9/11 narrative falls apart. The remaining house of cards collapses in free fall, exactly how the three towers came down.

Various groups, websites and books were born after 9/11 to question the official narrative and seek the truth – the experts include: 3,000+ architects and engineers, 250+ pilots and aviation professionals, 400+ professors, together with survivors and family members that clearly have a vested interest in discovering the truth.report These brave people have sacrificed their careers, relationships and health to uncover one of the biggest crimes against humanity.

The families of those that perished, had to fight to get the US Government to start an investigation. Think about that for a moment – the biggest attack ever on US soil and zero curiosity, zero investigation or examination of evidence needed? The long-awaited, official 9/11 Commission Report, is seen by all those independent of it, as one of the most obvious pieces of fiction ever produced.

There are thousands of questions surrounding 9/11 that have never been answered, my question looks into just one. Not a single steel skyscraper has ever collapsed due to fire, however on 9/11, three came down within a few hours of each other, in a single day.

Grenfell Tower in London was engulfed in fire from top to bottom, burning for more than 24 hours, yet remained standing. The three towers in New York were only partially ablaze and all came down. The vast majority are not even aware, that three buildings came down on that day, the twin towers both hit by an aircraft each, and a third 47-floor building not hit by an aircraft, known as WTC7 or Building 7 also collapsed.

There is historical evidence of many steel buildings completely engulfed in fire from top to bottom, burning for hours, often overnight, that have never collapsed. The twin towers were never fully on fire, only sections of the 110 floors immediately above and below where the aircraft collided, these fires were nearer the top of these huge buildings, this is an important point.

When each tower collapsed, we can see from videos that there were no huge external signs of fire, which is odd as officially, it was the jet fuel that caused both buildings to collapse.

Fires should have been burning inside and out, to melt the steel girders which would have spread to the outer edges of the walls and windows where much of the structural steel was located, but this was not seen. Other documented skyscraper fires have engulfed entire buildings, this was not the case here.

There are other problems with the jet fuel narrative – jet fuel burns at 1,890°F, but in order to melt steel, temperatures 600°F hotter at 2,500°F are required. To achieve this critical temperature to melt the steel supports within an hour was simply not possible. In addition, there is evidence of molten steel at the base of the towers, this remained red-hot for six weeks, jet fuel cannot cause this effect, only a few known chemical reactions can do so.


Both towers were among some of the strongest buildings ever built with thick steel girders running along their outside edges, which raises another important question. Aircraft are built of aluminium, just like a tin can, if you have ever stamped down on one with your foot on a floor, you know how they concertina inside themselves very easily. buildingsYet on 9/11, both aircraft sliced through the outer steel girders, through internal steel and concrete columns and came out the other side of the towers. The nose cone on all aircraft, is the most fragile part, there are numerous examples of birds colliding and denting the thin aluminium. How is it possible, for the nose of the aircraft to come out on the other side of the building, having passed through steel and concrete?

Yes, the aircraft were flying at over 500mph, but you cannot change the materials in question, the engines alone should have fallen to the ground as they smashed into the outer steel girders. There is an online video showing a commercial aircraft crashing into the sea, it disintegrated on impact, the wings and engines ripped off, it did not slice into the water...this crashing into water, not steel and concrete.

All three buildings collapsed either in free-fall or near free-fall – this means there was zero resistance as each floor collapsed upon the one beneath it. Think about that deeply, as it is vital to understand the truth that this evidence shows.

Every floor pretty much disappeared before the one above made contact – every thick steel column, every solid concrete steel reinforced floor gone, all by a fire, a fire which scientifically cannot melt steel but also somehow managed to make all the concrete disappear.

Going back to the Grenfell Tower in London, it burned for 24 hours, all the concrete remained intact and did not turn to dust and the building did not collapse. We all remember the vivid images as the twin-towers came down with the huge dust clouds that smothered the surrounding areas and much of Lower Manhattan.

That dust was 2-3 inches thick for miles, this was the concrete that turned to dust, it was pulverised, fire cannot do this, this is not a theory, but science and physics.


Days later, looking closely at the debris from the two 110-floor skyscrapers, there really wasn't much to see, where did everything go? When a building is demolished, all the materials used in its construction end up in a pile, the walls, the floors, the windows, the elevators, etc. There were 24 interior steel columns and 58 around the perimeter – to collapse a skyscraper a few melting columns isn't going to do it, melting a large number on high-level floors also isn't going to do it.

The only way to achieve catastrophic failure is for 8-10 floors at the base of a building to simultaneously fail within a small fraction of a second. Most skyscrapers get their strength from their central elevator shafts (the core), the twin towers were however unusual in that their outer shells was also immensely strong as a huge amount of extra thick and strong steel was used.

After the collapse, the remaining steel girders were immediately put on ships and sent across the world and sold as scrap. Of an estimated 2,650,000 tonnes of steel, around 1,000,000 tonnes remained, raising the question of where did the steel evaporate to?

Any crime scene requires collecting evidence for analysis to determine what may have occurred, you would think looking into the steel was vital as they were the prime structural component in these buildings...not in this case.

Looking closely at the evidence, not a single steel-framed building has ever collapsed but on 9/11 three fell in one day and collapsed in a free-fall concertina fashion in under 10 seconds – this can only lead to one conclusion, a controlled demolition. Most will dismiss this theory but, the elephant in the room is WTC7 or Building 7.

Building 7

It sustained minor fires, was not hit by an aircraft and yet collapsed in under seven seconds, I challenge anyone to watch a video of WTC7 and not come to the conclusion that it was brought down in a controlled demolition. Experts have analysed all aspects of WTC7 and concluded the same. 7-down We can see from video evidence, that just before WTC7 collapsed, small puffs of smoke and flashes of light blew out windows, accompanied by sounds of explosives. These explosives were used to sever the steel beams for a controlled demolition, this is how experts bring a building down into its own footprint to minimise damage to other buildings nearby.

A controlled demolition takes weeks but usually months to plan, obtaining official permits, analysing the correct spots for the placement of explosives and calculating the impact on the surrounding area. As it takes this amount of time, we can see that the lies regarding WTC7 clearly show everything was pre-planned, which breaks apart the whole 9/11 narrative.


Analysis by a chemistry professor of the dust from the twin-towers, found nano-thermite, an explosive both in used and unused format. This material can create temperatures of up to 4,000°F which is enough to melt steel.melt-cars This theory has its merits and been around for a long time, but it cannot explain a few oddities. There were many vehicles that simply melted to molten steel and aluminium, if jet-fuel or planted explosives had brought down the twin-towers, there is no explanation for how the vehicles melted. The use of a small tactical nuclear weapon placed at the base of each, or one of the twin-towers is a highly probable explanation.

This theory explains, the molten steel weeks after the collapse, the disappearing steel and concrete, the way in which the buildings collapsed, the melted vehicles, the witness statements of hearing explosions at the base of the buildings, the audio recordings of explosions and sadly the radiation poisoning and cancer deaths of New Yorkers. firemen The number of deaths of first responders and workers of all types since 9/11 show their cancers had elements of radiation, which can only be attributed to direct exposure to ionising radiation from a nuclear weapon. The radiation fallout was mainly contained/trapped in the cement dust created by the blast and breathed in. The 70,000 victims in New York are one of the biggest single clusters of cancer in history, comparable to the US nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan near the end of World War II.

There were more than 1,400 vehicles in streets far away from ground zero that simply melted to molten steel and aluminium – door handles disappeared, entire engines melted and tyres had just their inner steel frames remaining. If jet-fuel or planted explosives had brought down the twin-towers, how were these vehicles melted so far away?.

A steel building has never collapsed due to a fire, never, not a single one, but let's say that one does collapse every 100 years as a mathematics example. This means the odds are 365 days times 100 years = 36,500 to 1. The odds of 3 collapsing in 1 day are 36,500 cubed = 4.8 trillion to 1. While mathematically possible, we have to ask the question, if what happened, the way we were told, is in fact probable...clearly the answer is no. The official fictional narrative is laid bare when tied to events following 9/11, a suspect was named within hours and a war on terror was initiated with a new Pearl Harbour.


There are thousands of unanswered questions, here are some to ponder:

We have yet again another crime against humanity where the perpetrators have not been held to account, we the people are partly to blame as we turn our eyes sideways...nothing to see here. I hope that one day, all those accountable will face justice, time will tell. I created the following quotes on this subject, because until we are truthful to ourselves, there will never be the official version of the truth:

For we are all fools, for we have all been fooled, the ones too proud to see, the greatest fools of all. Ugo Domizioli
When I suspend reality and truth to sleep better at night, my children pay the price for my indifference. Ugo Domizioli


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