Day 1,095

A few thoughts as I pass my three-year backpacking anniversary.

I thought it would be fun to calculate what 1,095 days looks like in other units of time, well it's 36 months, 156 weeks, 26,304 hours, 1,578,240 minutes or 94,694,400 nearly 95 million seconds...Rodney, I guess I'm finally a millionaire, a time millionaire, far more valuable.

Two years have quickly morphed into three very quickly and easily, I suspect the same can be said for most around the world, a wasted year has passed us all by due to continued worldwide tyranny. My transition toward slow travel has evolved into living with virtually zero travel at all this past year. I have spent all my time mainly in Playa del Carmen with the occasional month or two in Tulum, Mexico. pdcI have lived a free life, without house-arrests, tests or Stasi essence, free of tyranny.

Around the world, the number of people are growing exponentially, that are trusting their intuition and not the television. This can be seen, depending on what you tune into (hint not the BBC etc), by the growing protests worldwide against the mandatory "green pass" which is akin to having your papers from 1930s Europe. The plan is to have this "freedom" pass everywhere, I had my freedom before, thank you very much...stuff your pass.

My days

I begin with breakfast, alternating between fresh fruits, oats, yoghurt, omelettes, grapefruits or porridge with banana and local raw agave syrup, all gulped down with freshly brewed mexican black's so nice to be able to prepare my own breakfast, lunch and dinner. I have had to adjust to local produce, so not been able to create some of my favourite recipies, but on the whole, my body seems to be happy, as I continue to lose weight. I then catch up with news from alternative media sources playing in the background, while writing my book. Concentrating on the book has however, resulted in hardly any time available to write new articles for this backpacker website.


As mentioned, I turned dead travel time, into a productive situation by completing the researching and writing of my book which is officially released today 24 October 2021. Head over to my questions website Around the World with 80 Questions, to download for free a digital ebook version in your preferred format.

As I previously explained, it was not my initial intention to turn my questions website into a book, it was not until a few fellow backpackers steered me toward considering the idea that eventually the decision was made. After looking into all the options, I decided to publish the book myself in digital ebook format initially, with a true analogue paperback version coming along when I finally find a new home and lay down some new roots and able to keep a small

The book publishing industry is an interesting one, just like the music industry, it is a well established behemoth. However, it has transformed in the past decade due to Amazon pretty much taking over. A new author, while having a much better situation than years ago, still doesn’t end up with much to show for their hard work, this was one reason for creating my own publishing business, which amounted to adding a new website to my growing collection Pirinthian Publishers.

The promises of worldwide distribution, print-on-demand, royalties and signing appearances are carrots used to bring on board new authors. These are the same tricks used by the music industry to have a continual drip-feed of new music artists.

Authors like musicians are beginning to realise that selling a digital or analogue book/song does not make any money. In fact, it costs more than you are likely to ever get back when you factor in the amount of time and resources devoted to creation.

My advice is to write or create for yourself, not for money. By creating for yourself, you control all aspects compared to signing on the dotted line and usually having to compromise what’s in your heart...never follow the money, focus on the heart.

As a teenager, I used to visit The British Library in London virtually every month. I couldn't believe the breadth of information available on the stacks upon stacks of book shelves. Every physical book published in the UK, is required to have a copy deposited in the library, this is a part of officially registering a book with an ISBN number. I cannot believe, that my book will also be a part of this historical archive.


My other project that I started at the beginning of 2021, Around the World with 80 Quotes and has proved to be a real joy. It is based on the same principle as my questions website, but this time with the aim to create 80 quotes. around-quotesI have outlined my quote creation process with this article from a little while ago for those interested.

I love creating quotes as the process relies on inspiration rather than sitting down and consciously making the time to create. The craft of putting together a quote is similar in some sense to crafting a poem. A play on words, interlinked and loaded with exterior meaning, sometimes the quote is literal, other times it is left for the reader to interpret. I like to strike a balance between realism, inspirational and philosophical, giving the reader a different perspective on the world and a glimpse into my mind.

In addition to the 80 quotes mentioned above, I also created individual quotes for each answer on my questions website. These you can see at the bottom of each answer in the light green panel. I started looking for quotes to use but copyright regulations were too onerous so I spent a few hours quickly creating quotes directly influenced by each answer. This again, was a hugely enjoyable process, as the creation was very different and specific.

What I find so fantastic, is that without having a plan over the past year, instead relying on my intuition, I ended up creating two new websites and writing a 400+ page book. When you begin the process of creating, you never know where you will end up which is a blast.


My average daily spend has reduced to around the £20 mark, as I ended up staying long-term in a small condo/apartment. As I have my own kitchen, I mainly stayed home, concentrating on writing my book; cooking all my own meals became the norm and only occasionally venturing out. my-condo

To some extent I became a hermit, but then being a digital nomad involves work of some kind, just as you would in a normal job, mine happened to be writing a book.

I renew on a month-to-month basis which is more expensive but gives me flexibility paying £430pm which comes to £14.33pd. Should I take out a six-month contract it would reduce to £324pm/£10.80pd. I recently managed to negotiate a three-month contract for £364pm/£12.13pd.

You will laugh, I have not purchased any new clothes or shoes in the past year, none. My only purchases have been a pair of USB rechargeable hair trimmers for £32. I noticed I was getting a little lax with my haircuts so decided to do them myself which not only saves time, but also money. I expect them to pay for themselves within six months. Results vary, but I seem to be getting the hang of trimming to acceptable levels.

My ancient Windows Tablet also came to the end of its life where my productivity was suffering as I could only open 3-4 internet tabs or only have one program open. I purchased a cheap Chinese laptop for just over £300 which is a blatant rip-off, of an Apple Laptop. The screen and keyboard are amazing, I am well happy.


I was fortunate to meet up with a couple of backpackers from previous travels which is always a fantastic feeling. Others had to cancel their plans due to the ever changing travel rules and regulations making things almost impossible or super expensive. people-metI have mentioned before, that I try to live my life with intuition and gut feeling rather than logic.

This one again proved the right choice when I revisited my plans to go to Colombia. A fellow backpacker went and reported some difficulties with curfews etc. My decision to visit family in US which was one of the main reasons to be in this part of the world, also veered off course, with a combination of a difference of opinions on the whole Plannedemic/Scamdemic situation and the ever changing tyrannical rules around travel.


Countries continue to have too stringent regulations for my liking, so quite simply, they're not going to get my business. Most economies that rely on tourism are suffering immensely with locals having to accept help from others providing basic necessities. This is such a sad situation which cannot last forever as citizens will eventually take to the streets for the simple right to earn a living. flights

Writing my first book helped me join, the book publishing sector, in which over 2 million are published every year. I am now at the initial stages of starting my next project, this is a little more exclusive, with around 50,000 new creations every year. I'm super excited to announce, that I have started writing a screenplay or full-blown movie/film script. Writing a fiction book would have made the most sense, but for some reason, I was not excited by the concept.

Taking part in a small scale film production workshop, a few years ago, came back into my thoughts, this excited me. It's fascinating learning a new craft – story & plot structure, character development, film production, directing etc. For now, it's all about learning how to write a script, which is way more complicated than I could imagine...but fun. So far, I have written 25 minutes out of an intended 100 minute film. What I've learned so far, it's a long journey of writing, editing and re-writing again and again...often taking years!

During my current zero travel period, I am firmly in the concept/developement stage, which involves the piecing together the idea and initial script writing. The pre-production, production, post-production, and distribution stages where the majority of the work is undertaken, will be at least 5-8 years away as I do not have the resources in place for completion.

Am I crazy to think I can pull this off? Well one year ago, I would have said, I was crazy to think I could write a book! We have the power to create for ourselves, no longer needing permission from others to create art...begin.


I have left the Covid-19 elephant in the room until the end, as it has become clear to everyone that something is very wrong. The fake news, mis-information, conspiracies, fraud and ultimately crimes against humanity have all come from our leaders and not from ordinary people reporting what they see.

Alternative forms of media have been the only avenue to true investigative journalism and trying to undercover the truth. All mainstream media, and I do mean all including, the seemingly innocent BBC, are corrupt to the core. covid-shirtIt was precisely because, of my exposure to alternative media and my gut feeling that something was very wrong, that led me to completely distrust every single narrative surrounding Covid-19.

This eventually meant not taking any tests or the Covid Jab. I won’t call it a vaccine, because legally and medically it’s not one. The Covidian Cult of mass conformity continues as the masses (interesting that many things in life conform to the 80/20 rule) continue to believe that evil does not exist, it does and it has shown its ugly face. Families are being torn apart with members on opposite sides of the argument, we each believe what we believe and need to remember that family is blood and government is not. I am happy and proud to belong firmly in the 20% camp, I have no doubt that history will prove me correct.

Speaking or writing about what is happening around the world continues to fall on death ears, I have once again become the unpopular kid at school. The difference is that I am an adult now and can handle the fallout. Social media and the main search engines are obscuring my content and websites. In my wildest dreams, I cannot believe, that we have arrived at this situation, 1984 is real and it is today. As I have said before, I was on the wrong side of history on the invasion of Iraq and weapons of mass destruction...fool me once!

If anyone would have described beforehand, the tyranny by the government’s of Australia, New Zealand and Canada, among others, I would not have believed them. Yet, here we are, to see what citizens will endure before continued servitude and conformity, or the tearing down of the fake narratives and their creators.

Being forced to take a vaccine, or my right to go food shopping, visit the cinema, and of late, being able to go to work is tyrannical. Turning one’s head and ignoring this fact, believing it is for the greater good of the whole community, is forgetting one important point.

After World War II, the words “never again” were used to remind people of what was allowed to occur by the masses, going along or turning their heads. Be under no illusion, we have the same situation today.

We are living with crazy narratives where 2+2=5 and up = down and fake = real. I have attempted to bring together a collection of narratives with my article with the hope that people can begin to understand what is going on.

The fake science used to create unconstitutional mandates, which are illegal, are coming apart at the seams, as we begin to see the truth. Class action lawsuits against the Plannedemic & Scamdemic are beginning to reveal the truth.

The whole Covid-19 pandemic, was in fact pre-planned hence the word “Plannedemic” and sustained for the past 18 months and counting, with fake data used by governments worldwide to justify their draconian policies, hence the word “Scamdemic”.

When something is pre-planned and co-ordinated on a global scale, this is referred to as a conspiracy. This intention to deprive people of their rights, commit fraud and hurt them, will likely end with Nuremberg-style trials. All those responsible, especially the seemingly innocent, police officers, doctors and nurses “following orders”, will be held in violation of The Nuremberg Code – the consequences are dire, to say the least.

Instead of going into immense detail into every facet of Covid-19, here is a list of the main topics which are undisputable facts and fully researched by experts in their respective fields...strange how you will not hear about these in the mainstream media:

When a government forces citizens to close their businesses, kill jobs, kill freedoms, decide who is non-essential, mandate what goes into our bodies and where we can and cannot go…. this, then, is 1938. As of mid-October 2021, official death figures just from those in the US and Europe from those taking any of the Covid-19 variant vaccines/jabs is approaching 50,000.


We also recently passed the twenty-year anniversary of 9/11. The truth still hidden, the real culprits still in the wild ready to create the next event. I wrote an extensive article on what I think really occurred. It will shock many, if not most. I remember very clearly as I began to discover the truth myself back in 2011/12.

Disbelief, denial and avoidance – this lasted for quite some time, until common sense but more importantly, evidence clearly showed me the path toward truth. 911-annWhen 9/11 is looked at singularly, this event may not signify anything.

It is only when you look at multiple major events on a global perspective, from high above, that patterns begin to form. This is where I have been for a long time and the reasons for all the decisions I have made to date.

I hope that my fourth-year anniversary article next year, will deal with normal life once again. However, as things stand right now, unless the masses stand up for their sovereign rights as free human beings, not subject to tyranny by anyone and peacefully fight for their freedoms, nothing will change and tyranny will thrive.

It wouldn't be me if I did not finish with a quote or two representing my past year.

As we are coerced to trust and believe the narrative of the day, we each believe what we believe – truth often lying inside the word, belief. Ugo Domizioli

Be the smiling stranger, for if someone smiles first, you lose. Ugo Domizioli


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