Day 1,461

A few thoughts as I complete my four-year backpacking anniversary while briefly back in London.


It has been nearly three years since being back in my ex-home town of London. Technically speaking I cannot call it home as I no longer have my own place, but home it is for historical reasons. Two weeks to catch up with friends, explore the familiar and the new.

My flight from Cancun back to London was with Tui. It was formerly known as Thomson and before that Britannia. The last time I flew with them was 30 years ago, when I worked for them as a flight attendant. greatpubI was pleasantly surprised with the level of service including free drinks and a hot meal, which when compared to the ultra budget airlines was very welcome.

I spent almost every day of my two week visit, either catching up with old friends or walking around my old haunts and eating my favorite foods by checking out London's evolving street food scene. London is such a vibrant city and when the sun is shining all is well together with its amazing Tube/Metro system which probably is one of the most efficient mass transport systems in the world.

I visited a fair selection of pubs, old haunts and the new and familiarised myself once again with my favourite room temperature ales, London Pride, one of the many and also the great British "cuppa"...a cup of tea. British, Indian, Chinese, Italian, Mexican and Moroccan cuisines all crossed my palette, my stomach duly complied with their execution.


Living in a condo I found, limited meeting many new people, as most were staying for short stays of a few days. However, during my time in Tulum, staying in hostels, new people were more forthcoming. friendsThere were a few that embraced leaving their familiar home countries to start a new life in Mexico. Clearly, I'm not the only one changing their past belief's of what is possible by simply changing how life is viewed.

I was fortunate to meet up with a few more backpackers from previous travels with Will taking a condo unit a couple of floors above my own for six-months. We shared a few beers, margaritas, tacos as well as pasta and pizza nights while putting the world to rights.

There's possilbly something in the air of our condo as Will was also able to write his own book during his stay. Maybe one day, the condo will have a blue plaque?

Quotes Book

I am currently working on my second book based on my Around the World with 80 Quotes website. around-quotes Based on the same principle as my questions website, but this time with the goal to create 80 quotes.

I am currently half-way through having recently created my 40th quote. My aim to have it completed by my fifth year travelling anniversary. I like to strike a balance between inspirational and philosophical quotes, giving the reader a different perspective on the world and a glimpse into my mind.

Photography Book

I am also in tandem, working on a photography book which is also approximately half complete. It is very difficult deciding on which photographs make it into the book and which to leave out, but it is coming together. Months of selecting, deselecting, discarding, ordering, editing and editing again. All good fun with a cold beer in hand and a ocean view.

Movie Script

I have been asked about the progress of my movie script. After completing the first 25 minutes out of a projected 100 minute movie, progress has stalled as I continue to learn the craft of script writing. I have a clear beginning and end in mind. The hard part is the middle that brings everything together into a grand crescendo that makes for a great movie.

It is proving harder than imagined, I guess this is correct as good movie scripts are a rare breed. It's only when you view a really good film that you realise how tight the writing was, giving the director the cues they need to execute a work of art. I had always envisioned this as a minimum ten year project, as even the professionals of holly & bollywood take years to bring together everything necessary for a feature film.


As many of you will know, I have spent the whole period of the plannedemic in Mexico. I want to thank this country for being one of the few that did not wholly succumb to the will of the UN, WHO and WEF. ?

The freedom I have enjoyed has truly been priceless as friends and family have endured house arrests and tyrannical political bullies.

When your home country, in my case the UK, shuts its doors to its own citizens, then a re-think is necessary as to what is home. Home should be a refuge, but when it will not allow you in, it's time to rethink what the UK has to offer me!


I continued spending all my time in Playa del Carmen in Mexico with my average daily spend reducing to the £20 mark as I ended up staying long-term in a small condo/apartment. my-condoWith my own kitchen, I mainly stayed home to concentrate on the writing of my books and cooking all my own meals became the norm. I renewed on a month-to-month basis, which was more expensive, but gave me flexibility paying £364pm/£12.13pd.

This year's purchases have only been a new mobile phone, however even this was a bargain paying only £126 including shipping and taxes for a cheap Chinese phone. When I look back on all the needless junk I have purchased in the past, it is refreshing to have this new outlook.


Costs in Mexico have increased compared to last year due to inflation as we all know. Official inflation rates we know are fake to not scare citizens all around the world. On my twice weekly shop, I had seen at least a 30% rise in prices across the board including restaurants and bars.

The continued decline of the UK Pound relative to other currencies continues with at least a 30% decline, so when added to the inflation rate makes a sobering 60% increase in costs overall.inflation This is not unique to the UK, despite the recent budget that didn't help matters and is witnessed around the world as the US dollar strengthens against all currencies.

The fact is, during this worldwide depression, refuge is taken into the most secure currency in the world which is the US dollar due to its reserve status. The US dollar, will be the last to fall, but fall it will as all fiat currencies are simply backed with faith and not physical gold as in the past.

Inflation will only get worse, think of Venzuela, Argentina and Turkey among others in the 70-100% per year level. The possibility of hyper-inflation is also on the cards...not a pretty picture at all.


I have been waiting for countries to follow the UK's lead in scraping all plannedemic restrictions which has been a longer journey than expected. flightsMy plan to spend six-months in India are on hold as this country as well as others on my planned itinerary are not back to normal...I take my money else where...your loss.

I have updated my itinerary to my likely future travels as countries open up to unvaccinated travellers. My search for winter sunshine is heading me towards Turkey, Jordan and Egypt. After that, my preferred countries remain closed, so possibly with the passing of a few months that may change.


I have left this subject until the end as I realise everyone is fed up with the past three years. Recent conversations with some friends showed that covid will be joining politics and religion as a taboo subject around the dinner table. There are some that cannot confront the truth despite the latest evidence. We are beginning to see that some truth is finally emerging with heartbreaking stories of families torn apart by permanent injury or death following the jabs.

Documents prove that the side effects of the jabs where known to the drug companies and our leaders. The fake news, mis-information, conspiracies and crimes against the people have come from our leaders. They all need to be tried for crimes against humanity and sentenced accordingly. Censorship continues all around the world. Speaking or writing about what is happening around the world continues to fall on death ears. My decision to visit family in US which was one of the main reasons to be in this part of the world, also veered off course, with a combination of a difference of opinions on the whole Plannedemic/Scamdemic situation and the ever changing tyrannical rules around travel.

Every single day, thousands are dying suddenly for no apparent reason. The new narrative of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS) has been created to bunch together these "unknown" deaths. We know they are due to the jabs, young healthy footballers in their 20s are dropping dead on pitches, with 847 deaths so far and 1,249 heart attacks...all after their covid jabs. The mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters of these football players, know all too well who to blame...justice will hopefully be served.

It wouldn't be me if I did not finish with a quote or two.

A castle of lies and deceit, surrounded by a moat of facts and integrity, rots away as truth seeps in. Ugo Domizioli

We concentrate so much on the external that our internal is often overlooked. In time we discover, the external has little meaning, our internal is everything. Ugo Domizioli


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