I'm a former banker from London, currently in my sixth year, backpacking around the world as a digital nomad. Have a look at my itinerary to see where I'm going, read my story to learn more, say hello via email ugo@bankertobackpacker.com or let's connect via facebook.

Head over to my 80 Questions website, to view my answers to some of life's big questions, available as a free digital ebook. Also for free, is my second 80 Quotes book, more esoteric in nature. I am currently working on my third, looking at the importance of 80 Words – completing a trilogy, exploring truth, knowledge and genuine history.



My six-months backpacking in India

day 1,826

Day 1,826

My five-year backpacking anniversary


Is Hanoi the new Hong Kong?

This article was written in under 2 minutes


Finding a new country

Where will I call home?

day 1,461

Day 1,461

My four-year backpacking anniversary


Become an Author

How to write and publish a book


Day 1,095

My three-year backpacking anniversary



Remembering 9/11 deaths worldwide